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Arts & Crafts

  • Thenon Les Z’Arts (Thenon)
  • Various Pop Up Galleries (Thenon)

Bakeries / Boulangerie & Pâtisserie

  • Frédérique & Ghyslain (Fossemagne)
  • Van Hulst Fabien (Limeyrat)
  • Boulangerie Eurl Autexier (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Aux Blés Sucrés (Thenon)
  • Aux délices du Pain’rigord (Thenon)

Butchers / Boucherie - Charcuterie

  • Michel Chemin (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Michel Chemin (Fossemagne - Wednesday Mornings)

Food/Drink (Artisans/Regional Products) / Artisans/Produits Régionaux

  • Conserverie du Manoire (Fossemagne)
  • L’Épicerie Paysanne (Thenon)
  • La Perigourdine (Thenon)

Food/Drink (Convenience Store) / Alimentation

  • Guilhien Patricia (Fossemagne)
  • Marinette et Christian Latour (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)

Food/Drink (Supermarket) / Epicerie

  • Carrefour Contact (Thenon)

Garden Centres / Jardinage

  • La Perigourdine (Thenon)

Markets / Marchés

  • Saturday 9:00am - 12:00 noon (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Tuesday 9:00am - 12:30pm (Thenon)

Newsagents / Tabac, Presse & Loto

  • Guilhien Patricia (Fossemagne)
  • La Bodega (Limeyrat)
  • Pascal Desthomas - Au Quotidien (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Le Ti’Café (Thenon)

Bars, Brasseries, Cafés and Restaurants

Bars, Brasseries and Cafés

  • La Bodega (Limeyrat)
  • Arts Tram Gram (Thenon)
  • Le Dénicheur (Thenon)
  • La Guinguette de L’Etang (Thenon)
  • Le Ti’Café (Thenon)

Restaraunts and Takeaways

  • Auberge du Chateau (Ajat)
  • La Bodega (Limeyrat)
  • Chez Paulette (Saint Crepin d’Auberoche)
  • La Vieille Forge (Milhac-d’Auberoche)
  • Le Relais de Born (Blis et Born)
  • Le Saint-Pierre Hotel (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Pizza Mania - Takeaway Kiosk (Thenon)
  • Pizza Bambou (Thenon)
  • La Guinguette de L’Etang (Thenon)
  • Le Dénicheur (Thenon)

Facilities and Amenities


  • Credit Agricole (Thenon)

Car Wash / Station de Lavage

  • Oki Station de Lavage (Thenon)

Cash Points / Distributeurs

  • Beside the Newsagents (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Inside the Credit Agricole Bank (Thenon)

Children’s Play Areas

  • Fossemagne Village
  • Limeyrat Village
  • Thenon Town

Fuel Stations / Carburant

  • Carrefour Contact (Thenon)
  • Les Stations Soleil (Thenon)

Repair Garages (No Fuel)

  • Garage Vermote (Fossemagne)
  • Garage du Stade (Thenon)
  • Garage Chabannes (Thenon)


  • DM Athletic (Thenon)

Hairdressers / Coiffeurs

  • Agnès Coiffure Mixte (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • C. Autrement (Thenon)

Live Music & Concerts

  • La Guinguette de L’Etang (Thenon)

Post Offices / La Poste

  • La Poste - Inside the Marie (Fossemagne)
  • La Poste - On the main High Street (Thenon)

Tourist Information Offices / Office du Tourisme

  • Office du Tourisme (Thenon)

Water Parks/Lakes / Etangs

  • Bar/Restaurant, Fishing, Picnic, Walking, Swimming, Paddle Boats (Fossemagne)
  • Bar/Restaurant, Live Music, Fishing, Picnic, Walking, Swimming, Paddle Boats (Thenon)

Medical and Emergency

Chemists / Pharmacies

  • Pharmacie de la Grande Fontaine (Fossemagne)
  • Pharmacie du Manoire (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Pharmacie Moderne (Thenon)
  • Pharmacie Lavaud (Thenon)

Dentists / Dentistes

  • Dominique Vitel-Boulanger (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Dr. Christine Bousquet (Thenon)

Doctors / Docteurs

  • Bruno Miquel (Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac)
  • Docteur E.Savignac (Thenon)
  • Docteur C.Savignac (Thenon)
  • Corinne Lamouroux-Lacroix (Thenon)

Opticians / Opticiens

  • L’Opticien (Thenon)

Police Stations / Gendarmerie Nationale

  • Gendarmerie Nationale (Thenon)

The Gîte

Gîte Lau Pito Meizou is a self catering rural holiday gîte. The gîte is located in the heart of the Dordogne, in the picturesque Périgord Blanc countryside. The gîtes central location provides easy access to Périgueux and the top tourist attractions in Dordogne. The gîte features an exclusive, secluded and secure swimming pool, with pool barrier and child safety entry gate. A shaded terrace and BBQ for dining ‘al fresco’. Its own private secluded garden and convenient parking beside the gîte …

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  • Gîte Lau Pito Meizou
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